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—A Multi-Sport Relay

The Iron Duck Relay Legs Outlined In Sequence

Leg 1) ROAD RUN: Sidewalks and Bridges, DeFazio and Ferry Street Bridges... Twice! 1.8 MILES

Leg 2) ROAD BIKE: Ruth Bascom Bike Trail via Greenway and DeFazio Bridges. 4.4 MILES

Leg 3) KAYAK/CANOE: On the Willamette River! Alton Baker Park launch to Eugene Rec River House/Beach. 1.9 MILES

Leg 4) MOUNTAIN BIKE: Through Maurie Jacob and Skinner Butte Parks. Return to Alton Baker Park via DeFazio Bridge. 3.0 MILES

Leg 5) TRAIL RUN: Pre’s Trail through Alton Baker Park to landing on Canoe Canal near Autzen Stadium. 1.8 MILES

Leg 6) SUP: Downstream on Canoe Canal to Alton Baker Park. 2 Portages! 0.8 MILES

Leg 7) DISC GOLF RUN: 4 Holes of Disc Golf as fast as you can run and then sprint to the nish! 0.6 MILES

Some Common Questions About Relay Races

This relay is made up of seven legs each a different sport which are in order; Road Run, Road Bike, Kayak/Canoe, Mountain Bike/Cyclocross, Trail Run, Stand-Up-Paddle board and a Disk Golf sprint.
Iron Duck Relay sponsors and other local Eugene sports shops will be happy to rent equipment for the Iron Duck Relay in advance of the event. A very limited amount of sports equipment will be available for rental at Alton Baker Park on race day. Participants looking for sports equipment should note their needs and search on the “Finding Team Members” tab.
The course is just over 14 miles in length traversing Alton Baker, Skinners Butte, and Maurie Jacobs Parks in Eugene. The course also utilizes The Ruth Bascom Bike Trail, Pre’s Trail, The Willamette River, Alton Baker Park Canoe Canal, and Alton Baker Park Disc Golf Course.
Definitely. Athletes of all abilities regularly participate in these type of events. Team speeds range from slow and steady to the ultra elite pace. Most teams participate for the camaraderie, spirit, and goofiness that develop in these events. You'll see themed team names, wacky costumes, even the occasional epic finish line "battle".
—Course Overview

Detailed Course Maps

Below are the maps for each leg of the 2019 Iron Duck Relay. All of these maps are included in the official "Iron Duck Race Guide".

You can view the full course map or download a printable copy by clicking the appropriate link below.

On-Line Maps
Download Maps
Race Guide

Team Divisions

The Iron Duck Relay divisions are a little different than some other races, so please review them carefully.

Open Womens, Mens or Mixed. Ages 14+
The Iron Duck Greeks Teams can be from a single Sorority/Fraternity House or multiple Houses.
Iron Duck Adolescents All members must have or be attending high school in 2019. Ages 14+
The Iron Duck Solo Mens and womens individuals who will go the full course as a solo participant.
The Iron Duck Masters Womens, Mens or Mixed. Ages 60+
Open Unlimited Any mix of women or men. This division is a wide open non-competive have fun category. See Note Below
The Iron Duck Kids All team members 13 years of age or under.
The Iron Duck Family All team members are related.

Open Team Unlimited allows for the use of Tandem Bikes, 2 Person Canoes, 2 Person SUPs, wheelchairs, roller skates, circus tricycles, innertubes, etc. An Open Unlimited Team can have up to ten team members.

Gender Categories

Mixed Any combination of males or females.
Womens All team members are female.
Mens All team members are male.

Be Sensible. Be Safe. Have Fun.

We all want to have a great time, and a trip to Urgent Care usually doesn't qualify. What you find below are some basics about course safety and guidelines. Full detailed information and rules can be found in the the Iron Duck Relay Race Guide.

Race Guide

The Iron Duck Relay is a FULLY OPEN COURSE, meaning open to the public, traffic, etc. We make every effort to design the course to be safe for participants, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to be aware of your surroundings.

Teams and individual participants in The Iron Duck Relay will be REQUIRED to go through race orientation and a safety briefing at the time of check-in or prior to the start of the event on race day.

—Water Safety & PFD's

Personal Floatation Devices will be required to be used by all participants while on the water legs of the Iron Duck Relay. You will be required to show your PFD and it's proper fit at check in on the day of the race. Failure to comply will result in immeadite disqualifaction and removal from the course.

—Bike Helemts

Bike helmets will be required to be worn by all participants while on their bicyle or mountain bike. You will be required to show your helmet at check in on the day of the race and demonstrate it's proper fit, Failure to comply will result in immeadite disqualifaction and removal from the course.

—Race Guide

The Iron Duck Relay Race Guide is THE document you need for all of your answers (we think) to questions about Race Day!

Race Guide

You Ran A Relay! Now We All Celebrate!

We encourage all participants, volunteers as well as their friends and family to join us for a great time at the finish line. Track Town Pizza will be serving FREE pizza to all Iron Duck Relay participants and volunteers at the finish line!